Industry Survey Unit

Facing industrial challenges

Because of increasingly restrictive environmental and legal standards, a globalized supply chain and the rising complexity of facilities and equipments, there are more and more industrial risks, and these risks are ever more diverse.pole-industrie-1 Therefore, insurance claim managers demand a regular assessment of the issues at stake and great responsiveness in the monitoring of their case.

The implementing and monitoring of industrial processes requires a wide range of skills. That’s why, in order to understand, control, and improve our customers’ financial situation , CPA Experts puts together a cross-functional team.

Our comprehensive technical and financial approach

Committed to offering you the very best support, our experts provide you with all the technical, financial and legal information relevant to your case.

Former industry professionals, they have a flawless understanding of the industry sector’s special features : product and process engineering, production management, maintenance and quality management.

CPA experts have a deep knowledge of industrial transformation and transfer processes (chemistry, metallurgy, mechanics, hydraulics, electrical engineering, etc.). If need be, they can work hand-in-hand with other CPA experts (food-processing industry, construction and civil works, environment, finance).

Our services

CPA Experts’ Industry Survey Unit is extremely responsive. More than twenty experts are ready to be dispatched at your command in France or abroad.pole-industrie-2

  • Analysis and simulations
  • Assessment of operating losses and assistance in reducing them
  • Cost and repair time control
  • Public liability and property damage
  • Financial and consequential damages, Operating losses
  • Negotiation
  • Prevention and training

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