Construction and Civil works Survey Unit

A rapidly evolving business

The construction sector operates under very strict rules and standards. Construction professionals have to constantly adapt their practices to an ever-changing set of rules and regulations, such as the new EU directives on sustainable developmentpole-bat-1 – particularly concerning thermal performance (RT 2012) – or the new European Standards for the design of buildings and civil works (Eurocodes).

When new materials, innovative methods and more efficient processes are implemented, complex technical damages can occur.

A global and cross-functional approach

To address construction and civil works issues requires an extensive knowledge in several specialized areas of expertise, notably in structural works, thermal engineering and HVAC systems engineering, building envelope, materials and materials engineering.

Since safety concerns are increasingly prominent, CPA Experts doesn’t just take action after the damage : we also have audit and prevention capabilities, especially in the fire-explosion field and in risk analysis of complex construction work sites (structural work, framework, facade…).

CPA experts, highly-skilled engineers and former construction professionals, put their hands-on field expertise at your service to settle your claims. If need be, they can take advantage of other CPA experts’ knowledge in different fields (finance, environment, chemistry, mechanics, agronomics…).

Our experts detail the technical circumstances that led to the damage, quickly carry out a risk assessment and develop an action plan for your case.

Our services

Extremely responsive, the Construction and Civil works Survey Unit responds quickly to your needs in France or abroad.pole-bat-2

  • Risk analysis of complex investments
  • Cost and repair time control
  • Latent defects and inherent defect insurance
  • Public liability and property damage
  • Any construction work sites risks
  • Financial and consequential damages, Operating losses
  • Negotiation
  • Prevention
  • Training

For more information, please have a look at our areas of technical expertise or contact us.