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Established in 1983, CPA Experts is the partner of choice of insurance claim managers. CPA experts are dedicated to providing cost-effective solutions for all your sensitive public liability and property damage issues.

CPA Experts is regularly ranked “ #1 and indispensable ” in specialized insurance expertise (Guide Décideurs).
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clusters of expertise

Our services

  • Technical diagnostics
  • Cost-benefit and Cost-effectiveness analysis
  • Liability for damage assessment
  • Audit
  • Training and prevention assistance

CPA experts are highly-trained professionals who are proficient in the legal and contractual matters relevant to your case. Thanks to a thorough quality management system, we can guarantee to fulfill your needs while meeting tight deadlines.

Thanks to our comprehensive experience in risk assessment and claims handling, we’re able to assist our customers all the way through the risk management process, from helping to prevent any damage from happening to managing the aftermath.

Through a careful analysis of the causes and consequences of the damages, CPA experts are able to assist their partners in understanding the root causes of the damages.

Moreover, our KAYA Environnement subsidiary can act as Assistant to the Contracting Authority on contaminated sites remediation solutions.

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Our core principles


We were among the first in our field to devise and implement an ethical code and a quality management system. These endeavors are a collective commitment to our customers to provide them with the highest level of service.


From day one, CPA Experts has operated as a co-op : each CPA member plays an integral role in the company’s decisions and gets a share of the profits. Our experts’ involvement in their survey operations, as well as our teams’ participation and motivation, directly derive from this core principle.


CPA Experts regularly hire new experts in order to bring new skills to the company and/or to strengthen existing teams. An internal mentoring program allows us to maintain the high service quality our clients are accustomed to.


Our co-op status guarantees our total independence. Our company’s internal democracy ensures management transparency.


CPA experts exclusively act within the scope of their mission. At the core of their ethics lie loyalty and integrity towards their principals and business partners.


Since 1983, CPA Experts has shown that social economy, a humanist path within market economy, can lead to success, independence and sustainability.