Laurent Delzagher

Structural and Civil Engineer


47 years old

Seniority : 8 years, associate


  • Solid and laminated wood structures
  • Reinforced concrete structures
  • Steel structures and roofing
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Building fire safety

Fire safety certified, category C
Ministry of the Interior


Engineer – Institut Supérieur du Béton Armé (ISBA)

DEA postgraduate degree in Civil Engineering – Geotechnical Engineering

Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Civil Engineering

Professional background

Equad – Insurance loss adjusters
Head of Montpellier branch
Insurance loss adjuster

Socotec – Technical Inspection & Verification
Technical Inspection Engineer
Salon de Provence and Nice branches

Key areas of expertise

Building structures

  • Collapse, cracking and deflection in reinforced concrete structures
  • Degradation of concrete structures subject to aggressive environments (affecting reinforcements/concrete)
  • Collapse of steel frameworks during assembly and after acceptance
  • Instability in industrial wood frameworks and assembly collapse
  • Damage to solid and laminated wood frames subject to aggressive environments
  • Structural defects in masonry and incidence on secondary trades

Civil and Geotechnical Engineering

  • Instabilities of natural slopes
  • Collapse of supporting structures
  • Sinking/rising of pavings and road structures
  • Incidence of settling and shrinking/swelling phenomena on infrastructures and superstructures
  • Scouring of foundations and appearance of underground cavities following water inflows (broken pipes, etc.)


  • Collapse during rehabilitation site operations in an urban environment
  • Damage to surrounding structures during site operations
  • Collapse of light roofing, failure of rainwater evacuation systems
  • Leaks in enclosed and covered spaces
  • CAR and EAR building site insurance
  • Serial loss on construction products
  • Fire, verification of the regulatory context