Structural works

We have a public liability and property damage expertise in structural works, namely in construction superstructures. We also analyze their compliance with regulations and standards (seismic risk, fire-resistance, etc.).

Not only do we act on site to pinpoint the technical causes after the damage, we also assist our customers in choosing and implementing protective measures, and in determining the repair solutions that offer the best technico-economical compromise.

To achieve our goal of efficiently solving our customers’ issues, various skills are needed : structural analysis (steel, wood, concrete, masonry), reinforcement techniques, strength of materials.

We can also assist our customers in analyzing complex projects’ risks before they decide to subscribe an insurance policy.

We analyze the causes of the damages and suggest an appropriate plan of action to help our customers prevent future risks.

Main areas of expertise

  • Construction and Civil works : subsidence, break, collapsing, cracking, excessive warping affecting the finishing works or preventing normal operation, climate-related collapsing, any construction work risk ;
  • Materials : premature wear of structural materials, concrete cracking that can affect a construction’s strength ;
  • Non-conformity and defects : contractual or regulatory non-conformity, construction defect, implementation defect, construction work delay.

CPA Experts can assess any issue in the construction industry : design or production, public liability and decennial liability, damages (damage to works, any construction work risk, fire).

We also offer training and prevention programs, as well as project pre-insurance auditing services.