Benoît Jourdain

Electromechanical Engineer


63 years old

Seniority : 23 years, associate


  • Mechanics
  • Electromechanics
  • Railway and Urban transport issues
  • Roadways – Other grids
  • Industrial systems
  • Heating – Ventilation – Air conditioning – Chimney engineering
  • Fires


Engineering Degree – ICAM
Arts et Métiers, Lille

Post-Graduate Degree in Fluid Mechanics

Professional background

Cabinet Sofrex
Expert for Insurance Companies
Expert for Civil Liability, TRC Risks

Matra International Transport
Technical Manager, Rolling Stock Enginiering and Interfaces Manager
Fine-tuning of automatic rail systems

Test Engineer. Carrying out experimental studies on flight mechanics

Key areas of expertise

Rail Accidents

  • Certified Expert qualified to deal with SNCF Claims under the CGA agreement
  • Derailing and collisions of rail vehicles
  • Accidents on rail infrastructure work sites
  • Accidents on railroad crossings
  • Traffic disturbances, operating losses for SNCF and urban transportation operators
  • Failures on rail equipment (braking, doors, …)
  • Damage to railcars during commercial operation
  • Unusual rail wear

Loss Files Concerning TRC & TRME Risks

  • Damage during construction work on transportation systems (trams, metros, railways, construction and tests on rolling stock)
  • Accidents during test phases
  • Theft or damage to test or site equipment

Roadways – Other Networks

  • Damage to roadways and parking areas
  • Defects regarding dams and reservoirs
  • Defects regarding underground networks
  • Damage due to materials swelling
  • Corrosion on fluids transportation systems
  • Damage to underground pipes and cables

Industrial Processes

  • Mechanical and electromechanical damage in incineration plants, power plants, cogeneration plants, biomass or equivalent plants
  • Damage due to corrosion
  • Performance and reliability flaws – financial impacts


  • Operating defects in heating, ventilation or air conditioning (HVAC) systems
  • Performance defects


  • Fires and defects concerning chimney engineering
  • Industrial fires
  • Storage silo explosions