We have a public liability and property damage expertise in mechanics that covers damages caused by a mechanical or metallurgic issue, or by a monitoring defect.

We determine the causes of the damages and suggest a strategy to protect our customers’ interests. Several different fields of expertise are needed to identify accident-related pathologies : mechanics, welding, machining and mechanical engineering, vibratory mechanics, metallurgy, electromechanical engineering, railway and industrial maintenance.

We analyze the causes of the damages and suggest an appropriate plan of action to help our customers prevent future risks.

Main areas of expertise

  • Mechanics and machinery breakdown : breakage and malfunction of gas and steam turbine, of gas and diesel motor, of motor “accessories” (generator, coupling, injection), of pumps, of lifting equipment, of machine tools, of special equipment ;
  • Escalator and elevator : leveling defect, counterweight and cable drop ;
  • Industrial maintenance : rotation and translation guidance, mechanical jamming, greasing-lubrication, hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder malfunction ;
  • Railway : derailing and crash of railcars, construction site accident, level crossing accident, equipment failure (brakes, doors…), abnormal railway tracks wear, traffic disruptions, operating losses, construction site damages and testing and assembly damages.

Our mechanics experts work alone, or as part of a cross-functional team made up of relevant CPA experts, to bring our customers all the information they need to accurately resolve their claim.