Michel Brouard

Thermal Engineer


61 years old

Seniority : 15 years, associate


  • Cooling production
  • Heating, ventilation, air conditioning
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Sanitary plumbing
  • Medical and special fluids
  • Fire safety – smoke extraction
  • Heating regulations – Labels
  • Energy consumption – Renewable energies
  • Mechanics – Hydraulics
  • Asbestos
  • Acoustics


D.E.S.T. in Physics of Refrigeration

Graduate of IFFI (French Institute of Industrial Refrigeration)

Officer in the French Merchant Navy
ENMM – Le Havre

Certified Categories C and D in Fire Safety
French Ministry of the Interior

Professional background

Technical Inspection organization
Thermal Product Manager at Qualiconsult Group Technical Department

Technical Inspection
Thermal Engineer, Paris Ouest Agency

Engineering Design Firm
Fluid Engineer

Key areas of expertise

Cooling Production

  • Freezing, corrosion or failure of equipments or facilities (warehouses, agro-food factories, processes)
  • Refrigeration production equipment design
  • Technical inspection of refrigeration unit extensions

Heating – Ventilation – Air Conditioning – Gas Installation

  • Corrosion of boilers and systems, poor performance levels
    of installations (heat pumps, solar panels, refrigeration units, boilers), various failures, problems involving hydraulic or aeraulic design, lack of comfort, leaks
  • Technical inspection of various construction or renovation operations
  • Diagnostic analysis of heating production facilities (heating of ICPE classified installations, steam substations)
  • Diagnostic analysis of ventilation, air conditioning, smoke extraction, Gas installations from an operating perspective

Fire Safety – Smoke Extraction

  • IFires (air treatment units, insulation, humidifiers or dehumidifiers, chimneys, heat generators), fire safety installations not in compliance with regulations (smoke extraction, fire safety systems, fire protection)
  • Diagnostic analysis and technical inspection of smoke extraction facilities
  • Diagnostic analysis and technical inspection of heating, ventilation, air conditioning facilities, for fire safety

Sanitary – Fuel Gas

  • Pollution, corrosion, leaks, explosions
  • Technical inspection of plumbing and sanitary facilities (cold water, hot water, waste water, rainwater) and fuel gas in all types of establishments (housing, establishments open to the public, high-rise buildings, office buildings)
  • Diagnostic analysis of waste water and rainwater piping systems (housing buildings built above a shopping centre)

Medical Fluids and Special Fluids

  • Implementation and sizing of installations
  • Technical inspection and periodic verifications on medical fluid facilities
  • Technical inspection of special fluids facilities

Energy Consumption – Renewable Energies – Labels – Heating Regulations

  • Litigation arising from energy performance diagnostics
  • Energy diagnostic analysis on housing and service-sector buildings (using ADEME methods)
  • Technical inspection of renewable energy facilities (solar, thermal heating, heat pump, ground-coupled heat exchangers)
  • Compliance checks concerning RT 2000, RT 2005,…
  • Compliance checks with HPE, Effinergie labels
  • Dynamic thermal simulation on Pleiades + Comfie software

Mechanics – Hydraulics

  • Internal combustion engines – Hydraulic systems


  • Asbestos diagnostics before work
  • Asbestos diagnostics prior to property sales


  • Non-compliance with acoustic regulations