Fire – Explosion

We have a public liability and property damage expertise in damages caused by fire, explosions or any building or machine wreck. We have a good knowledge of every safety regulations for residential buildings, public buildings, tower blocks, office buildings, factories and classified installations (ICPE).

We identify the technical causes of the damages in order to determine any
liability incurred and to assist our customers in resolving their high-stakes issues. Several different fields of expertise are needed to identify damage-related pathologies : electrical engineering, electromechanical engineering, thermal engineering, chemical engineering, heating, smoke control, soil mechanics, claims handling.

We determine and analyze the causes of the damages, particularly in the preparation of an insurance claim.

Main areas of expertise

  • Regulations : non-compliance to buildings’ safety regulations, non-compliance to classified installations (ICPE) explosion risks regulations ;
  • Failures : electric motor, high-voltage transformer or underground cable shorting, voltage regulator failure, short-circuit (converter and alternator), pressure vessel, burner malfunction (fuel, gas), wall mounted boiler defect, exchanger wear, fuel tank corrosion, household appliances (TVs, fridges, toaster…) ;
  • Consequences : high-voltage cells and low-voltage distribution board fire, lighting fixture and boiler room fire, boiler fire, gas network fire, BLEVE (Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapor Explosion).

CPA fire and explosion experts cover the construction, industry and energy sectors. They play an integral role in implementing security measures on site (collapsing risk), and assist their customers in determining relevant repair solutions. They work hand-in-hand with their customers to find the most cost-effective way to resolve their claim.