Michel Aumasson

PhD in Solid State Physics and Materials Science


78 years old

Seniority : 27 years, associate


  • Materials Physico-chemistry and Durability
  • Physics and mechanics of fluids
  • Plastics and rubbers – Composites – Glass
  • Textiles – Leather – Biomaterials
  • Glues and adhesives – Paints and coatings
  • Surface treatments (electrolytic, plasma)
  • Metal alloys – Corrosion
  • Industrial products and processes
  • Project management – Quality organization

Former technical and economic expert adviser at ANVAR (Ministry of Industry and Research)
Former expert adviser on International Standards (ISO TC 61)
Former expert adviser on National Regulations (Hazardous Material Transport)
Former Member of AFNOR Standardization Technical Committees
Member of the NF Brand Committees


Doctor in Solid State Physics and Materials Science
University of Orléans-Tours

Graduate Degree in Fluid Mechanics
University of Orléans-Tours

Master Degree in Sciences
University of Orléans-Tours

Professional background

Delsey – Bertrand Faure Group
Director of Research and Development – Design
Technical and Industrialisation Division – Quality Coordination
Patent and Model Filing Manager

Louis Vuitton – L.V.M.H. Group
Head of Research Development and Quality Department
Scientific Delegate, LVMH joint research venture
Industrial Property and Patent Protection Manager

C.E.M.P. – Plastics Studies Centre
Head of Laboratory – Product Certification and Enterprise Qualification
PF-branded Product Management Head

Thomson C.S.F.
Geostationary Satellite Project Manager

Corning Glass Work (formerly Sovirel)
Research Engineer/Glass and Vitroceramic Fracture Mechanics

Faculté des sciences d’Orléans
Assistant Supervisor of Physics Laboratory Work

Key areas of expertise

Plastics, Rubber, Composite Materials

  • Fracture of overhead and underground PVC PE or technical plastics-based pipelines
  • Leaks at bottom/collar link on overhead and underground storage tanks for hydrocarbons, liquid fertilizers, etc.
  • Ageing/photo-deterioration of films, sidings, and general purpose plastic-based products
  • Creep in sealant-based seals for building applications
  • Various defects on automotive, aeronautic or cosmetics parts
  • Watertightness/Sealing problems affecting chemical facilities in nuclear plants or offshore oil rigs
  • Delamination of drive belts in household appliances and motor vehicles
  • Cracking of electrical insulators made of glass-reinforced plastics
  • Brittleness in latex products used for security purposes

Physics and Chemistry of Materials

  • Problems involving inks, paints and varnishes, glues and adhesives, assorted coatings on surfaces made of cardboard, wood, plastic, metal, textile, glass, or ceramics.
  • Problems with resin deposits and coatings in electricity and electronics
  • Bonding defects on wood construction components (terraces, laminated wood structural elements)
  • Weaving, coating on textile materials, leather treatment
  • Breakage of glass bottles and other glass products – Technical treatments
  • Construction Glazing defects-related problems
  • Signal attenuation in optical fibre cables
  • Problems with implant failures – Biomaterials – Technical treatments
  • Contamination of chemical products by foreign materials
  • Corrosion of composite, metal, or sintered metal-made storage tanks for hydrocarbons or chemicals
  • Denaturing of perfumes, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, etc.
  • Concrete corrosion in waste water treatment plants, marine environments, etc.
  • Efflorescence on concrete-resin façade panels
  • Effects of pyrite aggregates on concrete fencing components

Floor and Wall Coverings

  • Poor performance on floor coverings made of sandstone-ceramic, vinyl or rubber tiles, steel or stainless steel plates.
  • Asphalt surface damage on roadways
  • Surface damage in parking areas, stadiums and tennis courts
  • Waterproofing membrane blistering on flat roofs

Industrial Process – Miscellaneous

  • Malfunctions on plastic bag welding machines
  • Plastic Processing shortcomings (injection, extrusion)
  • Performance defect on insulation of pipelines conveying heat-transfer fluids
  • Deterioration of endoscopes following sterilization operations
  • Defective Medical Devices
  • Malfunctions in electrolytic processes (galvanic deposits)
  • Malfunctions in chemical and physical vacuum-plasma depositing processes
  • Technical problems in graphic arts, binding, printing
  • Industrial protection – Counterfeiting