Antoine Roubertou

Electrical Engineer


36 years old

Seniority : 3 years, associate


  • Low-voltage/high voltage electricity
  • Transformers, power generators, alternators, circuit breakers, inverters, HV/LV cables
  • Electronics, Home automation, BMS/CTM, CCTV
  • Fire, explosion, incidents of electrical nature
  • Products, recall campaign, risk analysis, etc.
  • Liability / CAR / EAR Expertise


Engineering Degree – Maintenance and reliability of industrial processes – ESIPE 2011

Norms: NFC 15-100, NFC 18-510, NFC 14-100, NFC 13-100, NFC 13-200

Regulations: Knowledge of the context regarding obligations and regulatory controls in establishments such as Public access building, workplace, high rise building, site classified for environment protection. 

Professional background

Liability Expert specialized in Electricity, CAR/EAR

Electrical engineer – Business development

Design Engineer

Key areas of expertise

Electricity – Production & Distribution

  • Damage to transformers, alternators
  • Various electrical damage to equipment (overvoltage, neutral failure …)
  • Damage to overhead, underground and submarine cables
  • Photovoltaic panels

Electricity – Building Installations

  • Electromagnetic disturbances
  • Fire safety system malfunctions
  • Recurrent breakdowns in household devices
  • Compliance of electrical installations
  • Malfunctions of miscellaneous equipment (lighting equipment, controllers, …)

Electronics / remote surveillance / security professions

  • Malfunctions caused by electronic components, capacitors, integrated circuits
  • Failures of printed circuits
  • Intervention for various security professions, remote surveillance, surveillance companies, etc.


  • Recall campaign, risk analysis, communication with the authorities

Fire / explosion / incidents of electrical nature

  • Investigating the causes of fire in different types of premises
  • Investigating the causes of electrical equipment’s failure (circuit breakers, capacitor banks, etc.)
  • Household appliances failures (tumble dryer, washing machine, refrigerator, …)
  • Electric shock and electrocution of individuals