Samuel Chauvin

Financial Loss Adjuster


47 years old

Seniority : 5 years, associate

German - English


  • Operating losses
  • Immaterial damages
  • Financial analyzes
  • Economic and financial risk studies
  • Business failure


CNAM – Law Real Estate Property Modules – Introduction to Real Estate Legal Studies
Legal Review – Paris

DECF – Accounting and financial studies diploma
Qualification contract carried out in an Accounting Firm

DEUG II Economic Science
Rennes 1 University

DPECF – Preparatory diploma of accounting and financial studies
Saint Martin High School – Rennes

Professional background

Loss Adjuster in Financial Damage – Liability – Building – All risks building policy, Damages and construction economics

Loss Adjuster in Financial Damage – Liability – Building – All risks building policy, Damages and construction economics and agency manager

Decontamination and disaster recovery
Business Manager in the North-Western of France (PARTECH SERVICES Company)

Costing, establishment of decontamination specifications, drying, demolition, restoration and embellishments (Pavilions, small and large industrial)
Administrative, logistical and technical implementation of construction sites
Monitoring and reception of construction sites
Administrative and technical management of the personnel.

Accounting, Audits, Merger commissioner
Accounter and firm manager
Customer portfolio management : accounting (balance sheet, monthly reporting) – Tax system – Social – Legal.

Key areas of expertise

Immaterial Damages – Operating losses

  • Real Estate (rental losses, losses of enjoyment, loss real estate value)
  • Structural work and second work, construction, delays, reconstruction
  • Slaughterhouses
  • Pharmaceutical Research Center
  • Retail
  • Optical Fiber Manufacturing Plant for transoceanic
  • Public car parks

Buildings / Industrial / Plants

  • Work stoppage and delays
  • Agribusiness (contamination, pollution accidents of production)
  • Chemical effluent reprocessing plant
  • Heavy metallurgy
  • Automotive industry
  • Hydropower plants
  • Energy recovery centers
  • Nuclear power plant(effective clearance)
  • Collapse of logistics base of a luxury brand and shutdown


  • Hotel and catering
  • Transport / Logistic
  • Derailment of trains, catenary, rupture and shock of railway vehicle
  • Disturbances in Research Centers
  • Stopping a Pharmaceutical Research Center following a Fire

Public services

  • Departments, Cities, public authorities
  • Publics establishments and associations


  • Retail
  • Material trading
  • Food business