Financial and consequential damages, operating losses

We have a public liability and property damage expertise in financial and consequential damages and in operating losses that is far from being restricted to examining accounting documents. We also point out the losses that, although unrelated to the damage itself, are caused by organizational and operational issues.

Our financial experts are able to intervene in almost any economic sector : farming, industry, the service sector (apart from computer technology) and the public sector. Their skill-sets include : finance, cost controlling, tax law, business development and strategy.


Depending on the issues at stake, the nature of the case at hand and its procedural progress (amicable or court settlement), they can act alone or hand-in-hand with the commissioned technical expert.

Damages and operating losses types

  • Loss of gross margin/loss of income
  • Loss of assets
  • Increased liabilities
  • Operating expenses
  • Enjoyment of property deprivation
  • Loss of business
  • Launching delay
  • Discontinued operations (hospital, railway, industry, food-processing industry, hospitality industry, real estate…)
  • Consumer goods market withdrawals
  • Brand reputation damage

Our services

  • Pinpointing damage-related variations on balance sheets and profit and loss statements
  • Analyzing the company’s economic health and its economic environment in order to determine if the damage is the sole reason behind a cessation of payments, a recovery plan or a liquidation
  • Analyzing discounted cash flows (theoretical and real)
  • Disputing a faulty or unusable legal assessment on its merits
  • Damage compensation in the case of a conglomerate or of consolidated companies

CPA experts are familiar with the specific internal workings of every category of legal persons governed by private or public law. Their analysis is adapted to suit the particular economic model (management and operations) of the businesses and trades that are the subjects of the claim, when accounting and even cost accounting alone are not powerful enough.

When the case is particularly complex, CPA financial experts take advantage of CPA’s extensive talent pool. Together with the relevant CPA experts, they provide our customers with the exact skill-set needed to efficiently resolve their claim.