Dorothée Romain



54 years old

Seniority : 7 years, associate

German - English - Italian

  • Animal production and nutrition
  • Agri-food cheese and meat production
  • Food hygiene
  • Pharmacy


Veterinary Diploma – Lyon’ Vet School (France)

CES in avian pathology – Paris’ Vet School (France)

MBA in Business Management – IAE La Sorbonne University, Paris (France)
Option: marketing / business creation

Cours supérieur d’alimentation des animaux domestiques (Advanced course in domestic animal nutrition)
Pig species

Professional background

Expert for insurance companies

UN / FAO – Food and Agriculture Organisation
Avian flu and funding of veterinary laboratories in Africa

Pfizer Santé Animale
Pharmaceutical laboratory as Technical manager
Bovine range as product manager

Animal production and nutrition
Veterinary Health
Technical manager for hygiene and food supplement ranges

Quality manager
Head of veterinary test laboratory

Key areas of expertise

Animal production

  • Animal nutrition (from nucleus to formulation of feed for livestock)
  • Animal husbandry (breeding, technical monitoring, buildings)
  • Animal health on farms (health monitoring on farms, veterinary care, autopsies) and individual animal health (dogs, cats, horses, etc.)
  • Veterinary medication (prescriptions, side effects, etc.)
  • Veterinary test laboratory

Agri-food industry

  • Slaughter and processing sectors
  • Food hygiene (dairy products, meat products, etc.)
  • Procedures for withdrawal of products unfit for consumption
  • Quality and certification procedures: ISO, HACCP, labels

Economics and management

  • Financial analysis of businesses
  • Evaluation of operating losses

Law and regulations

  • Technical regulations in animal production sectors, certification, labels
  • Regulations concerning food safety, HACCP,
  • Veterinary medical practice – Veterinary responsibility in private practice