Food-processing industry Survey Unit

Food and farming : a complex and sensitive industry

Whether they be related to the animal or the vegetable field, to crop or livestock farming, or to food or health issues, recent sanitary crises have highlighted new quality, traceability and food safety issues.

Producing healthy and high-quality food while respecting the environment and maintaining high levels of productivity and profitability : these are the priorities of the food and farming industry stakeholders.

Our comprehensive technical and economic approach

Life sciences specialists, CPA’s highly trained experts – agricultural engineers or veterinary physicians – put their skills and experience at your service. Committed to offering you the very best supportpole-agro-1, our experts provide you with all the technical, financial and legal information relevant to your case.

The Food-processing Survey Unit works hand-in-hand with the whole CPA Experts team, pulling together every relevant skill to efficiently settle your claim. Our talent pool allows us to benefit from a wide range of expertise that can be mobilized at will to assist you along the way.

Our services

CPA Experts’ Food-processing Survey Unit is extremely responsive. Thanks to its network of partner experts, it can respond quickly to your needs in France or abroad.pole-agro-2

  • Public liability and property damage
  • Production equipment and industrial process auditing
  • Sector auditing
  • Risk assessment (underwriting and prevention)
  • Prevention training and damage management

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