Environment and Pollution

Our expertise in the field of environment and pollution includes all vectors and targets of polluting agents such as soil, air, water and living being, as well as every pollutant, among which the most common are hydrocarbons, PCBs, heavy metals and asbestos.

We identify the causes and circumstances of the damages in order to determine any liability incurred and to assist our customers in resolving high-stakes issues.

To identify accident-related pathologies, several different fields of expertise may be needed: hydrogeology, hydrology, geology, storage and handling, regulation of chemical products, dangerous goods or asbestos, metallurgy, plastic engineering, construction industry…

We analyze the causes of the damages and suggest an appropriate plan of action to help our customers prevent future risks.

Main areas of expertise

  • Industry : liquid and gas release damages, remedial work implementation risks ;
  • Oil and gas service stations and storage : gasoline, diesel oil and hydrocarbon products from tanks and oil pipes leaking into soil and water table ;
  • Agriculture : agrochemical contamination of soils, rivers and water tables ;
  • Water : hydrocarbons, solvents or heavy metal contamination of wastewater treatment plants, water tables and natural environments, dysfunction or defects in water well drilling, fish mortality ;
  • Real estate : asbestos-related litigation (buying, selling, operating), dismantling of buildings or equipments that contain asbestos or old transformers ;
  • Road transportation : transportation of dangerous and non-dangerous products, trucks tipping over and spillling fuel or chemical products.

When accidental damages happen, our experts engineers – all of which are renowned environmental specialists – can respond to the emergency as soon as they get their assignment.

Apart from our conventional insurance expertise operation, we can also act as Assistant to the Contracting Authority on any environmental issue through our Kaya Environnement subsidiary.