Hervé Durand

Hydrogeological Engineer


70 years old

Seniority : 22 years, associate


  • Environmental protection
  • Waste – Pollution
  • Asbestos
  • Drilling/capture of water resources
  • Soil mechanics
  • Industrial risk analysis
  • Underground works


Geological Engineering Degree
University of Montreal

Master’s Degree in Geology
Paris VI University

Professional background

Cabinet GBA
Experts for Insurance companies
Civil liability expert – Environmental Department Manager

GRS Valtech
Pollution Remediation
Pollution remediation manager

Engineering in hydrogeology and environment
Industry Department Director

Research Engineer

Geophysics in civil engineering mining research and water resources
Geophysicist project manager

Key areas of expertise

Environment – Pollution

  • Soil, water and groundwater pollution by hydrocarbons, solvents, heavy metals
  • Rivers, lakes and ponds pollution with wildlife impact, damage to fish stocks assessment
  • Transformer leaks and explosions with PCB spillage
  • Pollution from tanks, ducts and pipelines puncture in oil storage depots or petroleum stations
  • Overturned trucks with fuel or chemicals spillage
  • Pollution linked to waste disposal centre operations
  • Pollution from waste water treatment plants
  • Legacy pollution linked to former industrial activities
  • Pollution through storage basin membrane puncture
  • Litigation stemming from regulations governing management of polluted sites and soils
  • Impairment of drinking water supply and capture (pollutants, legionella, etc.)
  • Damage through gaseous discharge
  • Litigation stemming from asbestos diagnostics
  • Demolition of buildings containing undiagnosed asbestos

Capture – Drilling

  • Poor execution or malfunctions of water wells
  • Subsidence due to water wells
  • Faulty assessment of water resources

Géotechnical Sciences – Foundations – Civil Engineering

  • Seepage into underground structures, sinkhole phenomena on former quarries in gypsum dissolution zones
  • Bank sliding
  • Embankment instability
  • Buckling of slabs on backfills

Industrial Processes

  • Coke ovens design flaws
  • Design flaws in paint coating units for cast-iron pipes

Plumbing – Corrosion

  • Corrosion of sanitary hot water and heating systems.
  • Shower trays corrosion on ships
  • Corrosion in fuel storage tanks