Pierre Lebrun

Environment Engineer


38 years old

Seniority : 9 years, associate


  • Pollution
  • Waste
  • Asbestos
  • Lead
  • Water treatment
  • Regulations


Engineer – Polytech’ Paris UPMC
Earth Sciences – Hydrosciences

Professional background

CPA Experts
Engineer Environment Expert since 5 years

Kaya Environnement
Assistance to Owners
Pollution cleanups / Waste / Asbestos

CPA Experts
Environmental assistant engineer

Key areas of expertise


  • Accidental, gradual and historical pollution
  • Soil, water and groundwater pollution by hydrocarbons, solvents, heavy metals
  • River, lake and pond pollution with fish mortality, assessment of damage to fish production
  • Transformer leaks and explosions with PCB spillage
  • Pollution from tank, conduit and pipeline puncture in oil storage depots or petrol stations
  • Overturned trucks with spillage of fuel or chemicals
  • Pollution linked to waste disposal operation unit
  • Pollution from waste water treatment plants
  • Historic pollution linked to former industrial activities
  • Pollution through piercing of storage basin membrane
  • Air pollution by various particles
  • Litigation stemming from regulations governing management of polluted sites and soil
  • Pollution related to fire extinguishing water
  • Contamination by invasive plants


  • Leakage failure of waste bins
  • Pollution related to incineration or waste treatment
  • Leachate leaks
  • Cost optimization of management of polluted materials
  • Contamination of waste treatment facilities by PCBs

Asbestos – Lead

  • Litigation related to asbestos and lead diagnostics
  • Demolition of buildings containing undiagnosed asbestos
  • Contamination by emissions and deposits of asbestos fibers in the air
  • Contamination by emissions and deposits of leads particles

Water treatment

  • Litigation of drinking water supply and capture (polluants, legionella, etc.)
  • Disorders in wastewater treatment plants and drinkingwater plants
  • Degradation of concrete by H2S attack
  • Process malfunction
  • Contamination of facilities