Jean-Damien Fonteneau

Agronomist Engineer


51 years old

Seniority : 13 years, associate


  • Crop protection
  • Phytosanitary Products
  • Seeds
  • Agri-food
  • Food safety
  • Biotechnologies
  • Animal Feed


Engineering Degree from the Higher National Agronomy Institute of Dijon (ENESAD)

Master’s Degree in Plant Biophysiology Sciences and Techniques

Professional background

GAB Robins Francexpert

Vendée Agricultural Cooperative for the Supply and Collection of Cereals
Head of agronomy and process development

Agricultural Cooperative La Noëlle Ancenis
Agronomist Engineer

Loire Atlantique Chamber of Agriculture
Agro-environment Engineer

Key areas of expertise


  • Phytotoxicity of plant protection products (herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, etc.)
  • Errors in use or effectiveness of fertilizers or plant protection products
  • Errors in formulation or manufacturing of fertilizers and plant protection products
  • Faulty or toxic composition of potting soils
  • Faulty seed coating

Plant Material

  • Plant diseases
  • Contamination of agricultural and market gardening greenhouses by viroids and bacteria
  • Insufficient capacity of germination of seeds or seedlings
  • Production shortages in vegetable, fruit, horticultural and field crops
  • Fruit storage defects in controlled atmospheres


  • Biological contamination of food (insects, mites, mycotoxins, etc.)
  • Food poisoning (listeriosis, E.coli)
  • Tainting wine (chemical treatment of the vines, treatment of wood used for wine-making, cork taint, etc.)
  • Foreign bodies in products for human consumption

Financial Losses

  • Loss of business and financial losses in the agriculture and agro-food fields

Animal Feed

  • Defective feed production processes
  • Insufficient growth or production and death of animal stocks


  • Leaks from fuel and liquid fertilizer storage tanks
  • Soil and river pollution by agrochemicals or hydrocarbons