Claude Bogacz

Mechanics and Process Engineer


58 years old

Seniority : 7 years, associate


  • Curtain wall systems
  • SGS – PFG (Structural glazing system – Bolted or Point-fixed glass Facades)
  • Metal, Wood and PVC joinery
  • Glazing
  • Insulating weatherboard and cladding
  • Air and water tightness
  • Thermal and aeraulics calculation
  • Hygro-thermal calculation
  • Thermo-mechanical calculation of glass
  • Structural calculation
  • Acoustics

Specialist engineering building envelopes – Former member of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee of the certifying body of glazing CEKAL


Engineer – Engineering School of the National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts – Mechanics – Structures – Process

DEST (Master) – Mechanical Structures and Systems
National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts – Paris III

DU – (Bachelor) – Engineering Facades – University  of Evry

DUT – Mechanical Engineering and Process – University  of Evry

Professional background

Façades Design Ingénierie – Studies office / Engineering Consultancy – Rooflights, Lightweight Facade and joinery
Founder Manager – Engineer

Façades 2000 – Studies office / Engineering  Consultancy – Rooflights, Lightweight Facade and joinery
Director – Engineer

Coplan Ingénierie – Studies office / Engineering Consultancy – All trades
Agency Director

Regional Director « Ile-de-France » – Studies & Projects
Directeur of Building Envelops Division

ATM (Subsidiary of CEBTP)
Director of the company – Manufacture and sale of test equipment for the building envelope

Rinaldi Structal
Studies and structural Engineer

Studies and structural Engineer

CFEM Façades
Studies and structural Engineer

Key areas of expertise

Engineering of the building envelope

  • Structural calculations
  • Analysis and calculations of thermal performances
  • Analysis and calculations of acoustic performances
  • Digital mockup and BIM process


  • Annealed or tempered glass unit breakage
  • Failures on point-fixed Structural Glazing systems
  • Delamination issues with laminated glass
  • Breakage and fogging of Insulating Glass Units (IGU)
  • Failure of structural components made of tempered glass
  • Pollutions and optical distortions of reflective glass under chemical or mechanical attacks

Curtain Walling

  • Air and water leakages
  • Faulty mechanical resistance
  • Failures on weatherboarding / cladding
  • Failures on building roofing made of ribbed steel or aluminium sheets
  • Calculation – Building lightweight envelopes – Thermal, Structural, Acoustical


  • Air and water leakages
  • Malfunctions of side hung and swinging window frames
  • Window deformations under structural movements
  • Water leakages of glass rooflights

Horizontal Sealing

  • Roof terraces leakages (flawed execution or design, accidental puncture, plantation effects)
  • Metal-framed rooflights leakages