Louis De La Monneraye

Façade Engineer


36 years old

Seniority : 3 years, associate



  • Curtain wall systems
  • Glazing (Insulated / tempered / laminated glass) – Structural glass
  • SGS – PFG (Structural glazing system – Bolted or Point-fixed glass Façades)
  • Sealing compound for facade, glazing, sanitary – SGS structural mastic
  • Metal, PVC and wood joinery
  • Façade waterproofing Insulating cladding
  • Thermal envelope of the building – DTS (Dynamic Thermal Simulation)
  • External thermal insulation
  • Structures (Material resistance)
  • Envelope products: water and air tightness tests, impact tests on guardrails

Participation in the standardization group: ISO TC59-SC8 CEN TC349

Participation in certification committees and/or working groups: SNJF (sealants), CEKAL, NF 220 PVC windows, NF 030 scaffoldings, QUALICOAT, QUALANOD, CE marking


Arts et Métiers Engineer (ENSAM PARIS)
INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING specialization (Engineering sciences, methods and process engineering, production organization, quality, management, materials mechanics and resistance, “Lean Manufacturing”, heat, acoustics).


Professional background

Ginger CEBTP
Head of the Inspection Department, Head of Certifications
Business manager
Application Manager
Manager of a COFRAC ISO CEI 17025 accredited laboratory

Technical Support in R&D

LPNHE (Laboratory of Nuclear Physics and High Energy)
HESS 2 telescope project: Assembly of a test bench (transistor-photodiode

Key areas of expertise


  • In filtrations on glass roofs
  • Annealed or tempered glass unit breakage
  • Failures on point-fixed Structural Glazing systems
  • Delamination issues with laminated glass
  • Breakage and fogging of insulating glass units (IGU)
  • Failure of structural elements made of tempered glass
  • Pollutions and optical distortions of reflective glass under chemical or mechanical attacks

Curtain Walling

  • Air and water tightness
  • Faulty mechanical resistance
  • Failures on weatherboarding / cladding
  • Failures on building roofing made of ribbed steel or Aluminium sheets

Building envelope engineering

  • Structural calculations
  • Wind force calculations
  • Analysis and calculation of thermal performances
  • Analysis and calculation of acoustic performances
  • Digital mock-up and BIM process

Façade / cladding

  • Coating delamination
  • Delamination of brick and earthenware plates
  • Defect of the external thermal insulation
  • Search for hidden defects