Samuel CHAUVIN, a new financial expert at CPA !

Posted on 30.09.2019

Following a course exclusively based on economics, accounting and finance which he completed with a DECF (Diploma in Accounting and Financial Studies) by integrating an accounting firm, Samuel Chauvin began his career as an associate and then head of firms (Château Cabinet, Wanaverbecq Cabinet, Havenel Cabinet).

Afterwards, he became Head of North-West France for PARTECH Services, a company specialising in loss recovery, in which he made measurements, assessments, estimates, etc., before joining CIBLEXPERTS and TGS (STELLIANT Group) as Business Interruption – Civil Liability  – Decennial Civil Liability and Erection All Risks expert.

With over his many years of experience, we are pleased to have Samuel Chauvin joining our teams to strengthen our fields of expertise.

His CV is just here !