Chemistry and Chemical engineering

We have a public liability and property damage expertise in chemistry and chemical engineering which covers both a firm understanding of the chemical and physical processes of matter in its different states (solid, liquid, gas, plasma) and an extensive knowledge of manufacturing equipments (reactors, exchangers, rotating machines) and their malfunctions.

We establish the root causes in order to determine the technical causes of the accidents and help determine any liability incurred. We assist our customers in resolving high-stakes public liability and property damage issues.

To identify accident-related pathologies, several different fields of expertise can be needed : organic and inorganic chemistry, materials science and engineering, chemical engineering, fine chemicals and biochemistry, fires and explosions caused by chemical reactions.

We analyze the causes of the damages and give our customers feedback in order to help them prevent future risks.

Main areas of expertise

  • Pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food-processing industry : flavor, scent or aroma denaturing, chemical contamination, formulation defect ;
  • Plastics, rubbers, elastomers, mastics, adhesives, resins and composite materials : paint and varnish defects, flexible and rigid coating defects, resin deposit and coating defects, gluing defects, sealing material defects, wooden building elements defects (terrace, laminated framework) ;
  • Corrosion : metal, fretted metal and concrete corrosion, efflorescence on concrete-resin facade panel, pyrite aggregate effect ; polymer oxidation ;
  • Process : electrolytic process dysfunction, vacuum chemical and physical deposition process dysfunction, sterilization process issue, defects of pharmaceutical production equipment, chemical product contaminated by external agents, formulation chemistry, process chemistry ; wastewater treatment plant dysfunction ;
  • Fire, explosion : any chemically induced accident.

Our chemistry and chemical engineering experts work alone or as part of a team dedicated to a global project. Each team works in compliance with the particularities of the relevant project, namely the matter or material that needs to be assessed and the specific features of the industry (chemical industry, petroleum industry, construction and civil works industry, food-processing industry, environment industry).