Jean-Philippe Melano

Civil Engineering and Urban Planning Engineer


65 years old

Seniority: 15 years, partner

Spanish - English

  • All building trades and professions
  • Civil engineering, hydraulics, technical equipment,
  • Maritime construction

FUEDI Loss Adjustor, Member of CEA
APSAD certified


Degree in Engineering – I.N.S.A.

Degree in Economics

Professional background

Expert for insurance companies

Expert for insurance companies

Générale des Eaux
Technical and sales manager

Earthmoving, road works, maritime works

Head of Construction Sites

Key areas of expertise


  • Comprehensive construction site risk (OrlyVal, Prado-Carénage, etc.)
  • Structural cracking following underpinning
  • Demolition causing damages on existing structures
  • Fires during on-going construction projects
  • Major damages on structural frameworks
  • Quality flaws on concrete during mixing or pouring
  • Construction delays causing claims for consequential losses

Roadways and Other Networks

  • Breakdown of underground grids causing third-party losses
  • Mathematical modelling of meshed grids


  • Ethylene production reactor breakdowns
  • Valve leakage on process systems
  • Vibratory phenomena on alternating compressors
  • Gas turbine blade breakage
  • Pipeline corrosion
  • Production loss claims following downtime

Hydraulic Production or Distribution Systems

  • Sizing errors in rock-fill and earth-fill dams
  • Pipeline corrosion and scaling
  • Accidental leaks causing third-party losses (maritime)

Maritime Loss Adjustment

  • Breakage of struts causing dismasting and bodily harm
  • Separation of trimaran deck honeycomb structures
  • Delamination of composite material hulls
  • Serial damage on defective metal parts
  • Flawed repair on bulk carrier hatch cover
  • Damage to hydrocarbon unloading platform
  • Buckling of an overhead travelling crane used to handle containers
  • Deterioration of concrete maritime works structures

Industrial Refrigeration Equipment

  • Disruptions in refrigeration chain causing merchandise losses
  • Breakage on machines, compressors or refrigeration equipment
  • Errors in equipment design or implementation
  • Identification of defects and remedies to unsuited refrigeration


  • UN claims adjustor
  • Loss adjustment for P&I Clubs at international level (maritime)