Pierre-Alain Rivoalen

Electromechanical Engineer


67 years old

Seniority: 30 years, partner

English - Spanish

  • Diesel engines
  • Generating sets
  • Boilers and steam turbines
  • Marine machinery
  • DC manufacturing machines
  • Agro-food processes

Member of the Professional Association of Marine Surveyors in France


1st Class Merchant Marine Captain ENSM
Le Havre

1st Class Merchant Marine Engineer ENSM
Le Havre

Professional background

CMI Group – Precision machines
Fine sheet metal for electronics, special machines for agro-food
Managing Director

Semt Pielstick
Diesel engine engineering consulting firm
Licensing and USA Market Development Department
Mechanical engineer

B.A.I. Ferries
Car ferry engineer officer (2,000 passengers)

Fouquet SACOP Maritime
Oil tanker second captain (5,000 t)

Maritime Shell Co.
Oil tanker engineer officer (540,000 t)

Key areas of expertise

Diesel Engines and Accessories: Alternators, Couplings, Injections

  • Refrigerated ship propulsion engine malfunctions: root cause analysis, repair solutions, lost evaluation of damages
  • Coupling breakage on fleet of French port tugboats
  • Fracture analysis on vessel diesel engines

Generating Set Plants Operating on Peak-Day and Cogeneration Basis

  • Engine and/or injection pump malfunctions
  • Equipment power shortages
  • Vibration and sound level problems on equipment at vital sites (hospitals, housing generator units)
  • Fires in turbine generators operating on a cogeneration basis: interpretation of metal analyses and oil analyses

Maritime Loss Adjustment

  • Delamination of composite hulls on racing yachts: identifying causes and analysing losses, taking salvageable components into account
  • Carbon mast breakage on racing yachts
  • Machine breakdowns on trawlers or freighters: determining operating losses
  • Identification of origin of abnormal vibration thresholds on trawlers

Agro-Food Processes

  • Malfunctions in new agro-food processes designed for production of milk, soy milk, and animal meal from slaughterhouse waste

Machinery Breakdowns

  • Breakdowns and other damage to digital control lathes, machining centres, spark erosion machines, induction coils or automatic controllers
  • Analysis and calculating of loss of profits following machinery breakdowns