Christophe Corre

Agricultural Engineer, Research Master in Plant Production


43 years old

Seniority : 4 years, associate


  • Animal and vegetable production
  • Seeds and plants – potatoes – soil-less culture – stocked food – spray – spreading
  • Crop protection
  • Phytosanitary products
  • Animal feed
  • Agro-food
  • Food safety
  • Biotechnologies


Renewal of the Individual Certificate – Advice on the use of Phytopharmaceuticals products

Research Master in Genetics, Adaptations and Plant Production (DEA)
Agrocampus – University of Rennes 1

Degree of Agricultural Engineer from the Higher Institute of Agriculture
Specialization year in plant protection & plant production – Beauvais

DUT of Biological Engineering option Agronomy – University Institute of Technology of Brest

Professional background

Application Technical Engineer – Certis Europe – Guyancourt
Technical support for the application of products, stewardship and training for employees and customers
Marketing expert for France within the seed treatments, soil and potato disinfection European portfolio teams

Experiments manager – Bretagne-Plants – Hanvec
Responsible for the experimental farm
Responsible for technical communication on phytosanitary products to producers and technicians (training, development of crop protection guide)
Organizer of the Plant Potato Health Bulletin for the Brittany region.

Corn weeding development assistant – Syngenta Agro S.A.S

Key areas of expertise

Plant Material

  • Genetic problems in seed production
  • Seed mixtures
  • Germination issues with seed supplies
  • Plant diseases
  • Production deficit in vegetable crops, fruit crops, horticultural and major crops
  • Flawed conservation of plants or roots in cold storage
  • Flawed conservation of fruit in controlled environment


  • Phytotoxicity of phytosanitary products (herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, etc.)
  • Errors in formulation or production of fertilizers and phytosanitary products
  • Faulty use of fertilizers or phytosanitary products
  • Seed coating defects

Agricultural machinery

  • Faulty application of product with semi material, spraying or with spreading equipment (microgranulator, fertilizer spreader)
  • Faulty harvest


  • Pollution by foreign bodies of products intended for human consumption and pharmaceutical industry
  • Non-compliant raw materials in industrial production
  • Sanitary product defects – poisoning

Animal Nutrition

  • Claims about quality of raw materials or finished products
  • Faulty design of food formulae
  • Insufficient growth or production and livestock mortality


  • Pollution by air release of agro-chemical products
  • Leaks from liquid fertiliser storage tanks
  • Soil and river pollution by agro-chemical products or hydrocarbons