Geotechnics and Hydrogeology

We have a public liability and property damage expertise in foundations, infrastructures, roads and public utilities. Soil-structure interaction (SSI) is one of the main concerns in constructing and maintaining a structure. CPA Experts specializes in analyzing SSI.

We identify the technical causes of the damages in order to determine any liability incurred and to assist our customers in resolving their high-stakes issues. Several different fields of expertise are needed to identify accident-related pathologies : geology, soil mechanics, rock mechanics, underground hydraulics and seismology.

We analyze the causes of the damages and suggest an appropriate plan of action to help our customers prevent future risks.

Main areas of expertise

  • Construction and Civil works : instability and cracking of structures, leveling (roads, highways, railways…), subsidence caused by drilling, mines and quarries operation or reinforcement, underground networks rupture ;
  • Litigation and cost overrun : unforeseen constraints or insufficiently detailed geotechnical situation ;
  • Natural risks : soil movement, flood, cave-in, subsidence, swelling, slopes and embankments instability, landslide.

Analyzing SSI requires a thorough knowledge of the structures themselves : mechanics of materials, structural analysis, continuum mechanics, earthquake engineering and construction methods. Our cross-functional teams have a complete mastery of these complex issues.