Energy and Electrical engineering

We have a public liability and property damage expertise in identifying the causes of electrical damages. Our expertise extends to damages that occur in the production or delivery of energy.

We assist our customers in pinpointing the technical causes of the damages : this is a crucial step towards determining any liability incurred and enforcing warranties. Several different fields of expertise are needed to identify accident-related pathologies : electrical engineering, electromechanical engineering, energy production, transformation and delivery, electronics, automation and computer science.

We analyze the causes of the damages and suggest an appropriate plan of action to help our customers prevent future risks.

Main areas of expertise

  • Electrical engineering, energy production and distribution : electric motor, transformer, underground cable, converter or alternator shorting, surge, short circuit and electric arc, high-voltage cells and low-voltage distribution board defects, fiber optic failure or assembly defect, circuit-breaker and switchgear failure or assembly defect, photovoltaic system failure or assembly defect, investigation of electrical fire ;
  • Indoor facilities : household appliances, lighting fixtures, access control or central management system electromagnetic disruption, circuit breaker failure, electrical wiring compliance assessment of industrial premises, residential buildings and public premises, persons that were harmed or killed by electricity ;
  • Electronics : failure of electronic components and computer hardware, capacitor, integrated circuit or printed circuit, regulator and other command and control equipment failure (industrial process machinery), automatic control defect (production line robot) ;
  • Electromechanical engineering : turbo generator failure, CHP system failure, electric motor shorting caused by vibratory phenomena.

CPA experts identify the technical causes of the damages and check the equipments’ compliance with regulations. They work hand-in-hand with their customers to find the most cost-effective way to resolve their claim.