Joël Malige

Electromechanical engineer


70 years old

Seniority: 17 years, partner


  • Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
  • Electromechanics
  • Motors – Transformers
  • Electricity
  • Elevators – Escalators
  • Civil engineering and rail equipment
  • Vibration mechanics
  • Printing – Paper products
  • Military and nuclear project management
  • Production losses


Engineering Degree – ENSAM

Minor in Corporate Management
Thomson University

Professional background

Cabinet Eximat
Experts for Insurance Companies
Civil liability expert

Thomson CSF
Assistance and Service Division
Industrial Director, Project Management Division

Subsidiary of Thomson CSF
Director of Nuclear and Military Projects

Renault Automation
Director of Nuclear Projects

Key areas of expertise


  • Thermal shortcomings in refrigerated trailers due to lack of ventilation or insulation
  • Design flaws in ammonia refrigeration units
  • Thermal shortcomings in cold rooms due to lack of air condenser maintenance
  • Breakdown of piston-based refrigerating compressors
  • Refrigerating fluid leaks on condenser or evaporator
  • Breakage of centrifugal compressor blades in high-power refrigeration units
  • Thermal failings in cold rooms due to poor defrosting

Air Conditioning

  • Deterioration of air treatment modules due to failure of automatic control devices
  • Fires subsequent to malfunctions of HVAC systems
  • Faulty ventilation due to fan coil unit assembly defects
  • Faulty ventilation breakdown in high-rise buildings subsequent to poor assembly of “Free Cooling” valves


  • Transformer pollution subsequent to short-circuits
  • Breakdown of electric propulsion motors on dredging units subsequent to vibratory phenomena and overloads
  • Breakdown of grinder DC drive motors due to vibratory problems


  • Breakdown of underground electrical cables
  • Fires due to battery short-circuits on ARIANE 5 launch pad
  • Meltdowns of safety units due to overvoltage
  • Fires due to assembly defects on control switch circuit breaker units
  • Automation defects on automotive assembly line robots

Elevators – Escalators

  • Elevator levelling flaws
  • Counterweight falls
  • Falls of cables at Roissy CDG Airport


  • Hydraulic pump malfunctions
  • Falls of drill rigs of tower cranes